mardi 11 octobre 2016

Welcome to my blog
I am Rebecca Randrianaivoarisoa ;I am Malagasy; I’m 20 years old ; I study French language at ENS(Ecole Normale Supérieure) in the capital of Madagascar. I will probably make a lot of mistake in English; so please forgive me. I create this blog because I want to share you my experience because now; I am in youth exchange in Norway for 10 months. Youth exchange program is one of many exchange organized by Norwegian state; supporting by  fredskorpset. I’m in connect program; one of the tree program at Hald it is NMS’programm (Norwegian Mission society).
So I’m at Hald since one month now; we have one and half month like preparatory course; after we will go for six months in internship; and we will have 2months as spring course. And we will return on our country for bringing back; sharing our experience and perform the goal of the exchange.
Like our program is NMS’s program; we will work in Diakonia; leadership; and evangelism
Fredskorpset’s objective of the exchange program are:
·       Developing young leaders
·       Increased capacity in partner organizations
·       In addition each partnership agrees on goals related to their thematic field (e.g. advocacy, health, education, entrepreneurship)
And the main goal of my sending organization which is FKTLM is; like most of the leaders in Malagasy organistion and the civil society are in general, dominated by men; Young people are considered as in experienced and are not prioritized when it comes to leadership.
So their expected results is:
Strengthening and balancing gender equality regarding leadership in local youth section;
I want to tell more about  FKTLM now; FKTLM stand for Firaisany Kristianina Tanora Loteranina Malagasy so it’ the youth department in Malagasy Lutheran church. The main Goal of the organization is  to share the Gospel of God to young people. And it is one of FLM’s organization (FLM:Fiangonana Loterianina Malagasy which means Malagasy Lutheran Church).
So I invite you to live the same experience than me in following my blog. See you.
I wrote this article few weeks ago

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